Dry Needling 101 app for iOS

An easy way to browse and refresh your dry needling knowledge

28 muscles to dry needle

We've selected some of the most commonly dry needled muscles for you to get started with

Includes referral patterns

Don't remember the referral pattern of the muscle needled? No worries, it's illustrated in the app

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More than 30 videos included

Every muscle chosen comes with a video demonstration

Concentrated on cautions

We have developed a special system for dry needling 101 that concentrates on cautions for every muscle presented.

Awesome Features

Some of the great features included in the app

170+ illustrations

More than 170 unique illustrations of anatomy, referral patterns and techniques to browse through.

Needle info

Includes a table showing recommandations of insertion depth, needle size, vector of insertion and type of grip.

Offline app

The app is created for you to store local on your device and therefore doesn't require any internet connection. You can now use this app anywhere anytime!

Cautions - VANJOG

Don't know if there's a structure to be cautious about? Don't worry, we got that covered. We created a unique system to deal with that - the VANJOG system.

iPhone & iPad

The app is optimized for your iPhone or iPad. Requires at least iPhone 4 and up and iPad 2 and up.


Want to see how the technique is performed? We got that covered as well. We included more than 30 videos for you to browse through.

How It Works

A quick overview

Where do i download the app?

App store

Navigate to the appstore on your iPhone or iPad and search for dry needling 101 and download. Or click the button below

Compatible with android?

No. Unfortunately the app is only published for iOS. We are working on an Android solution.

Feature Image
Feature Image

How to navigate the app

Tabbed layout

In the bottom of the screen you'll find a home button, alphabetical list, region, video & more

Easy and intuitive

Aplhabetically lists of muscle, just scroll and tab the muscle you'd like to see. You can also tab the region button and browse through region of pain e.g. elbow pain. A list of muscles available will be shown.

What is VANJOG?


VANJOG is short for vein, artery, nerve, joint, organ and gland. Each muscle is presented with a VANJOG, what structure(s) to be cautious about when needle a specific muslce

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Feature Image

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Screenshots of the App

Getting Closer to the App

The app is developed to fit normal iPhone and iPads as well as retina displays

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Optimized for iPhone and iPad

A must have app for every dry needling practitioner

  • Pay once and get it on all your iOS devices
  • No internet connection required
  • 28 muscles to browse through
  • Browse alphabetically or by region of pain
  • Anatomy overview
  • Trigger point referral patterns
  • Needle info section
  • Speciel system developed for cautions
  • Still shots on technique
  • More than 30 videos
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